Friday, October 12, 2007

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the death of Max on Wednesday 10th October. At the moment Summer does not feel able to continue with her blog.

RIP little Max, we all miss you.xxxx

Monday, October 8, 2007

The case of the missing Crown Jewels

PRIME SUSPECT - the evil Oscar Oscarton -well known collector of all things huge and furry.
Max: Hi, Dirk Clawsout, Private Dick at your service. I am on the trail of the missing crown jewels, well actually my missing crown jewels. I have a number of suspects on my list, the main one being the Oscar cat, his reason - pure jealousy. He has been observed on a number of occasions taking an unhealthy interest in my rather wonderful malteser collection. He is unable at the moment to provide an alibi, other than - he was sleeping. My investigations have led me to his rear end whilst he was sleeping, however on inspection he has not hung them in the obvious place, but he would obviously have to have some VERY sturdy brackets made to hang them. I have checked under all of the beds and managed to get into 2 of the wardrobes, but the missing beauties have not yet come to light. My next step is to hack into his eBay account to make sure he is not trying to sell them on the black market. Got to dash, nut clusters to be found!

Summer: Max has been dashing around like a loon today, I have no idea what he is looking for, but he has been acting very strangely, following Oscar around and sniffing his bottom....uuuggghh boys are so horrid.
I have been sitting on my comfy cushion today and my mummy says I am like a little princess. I found some very strange string stuff stuck on my tummy on Saturday, so I spent the day very carefully removing it. I did such a good job that my mummy took me out in the car to show the people at the vet place what a wonderful job I had done.
When we got home my mummy put a big fabric tube over my tummy, which I didn't like at all, so every time she stood me up, I went rigid and rolled over. I pretended I couldn't walk, you should have seen her face it was so funny.
I went on my eBay account today and saw some rather nice pom pom earrings that are being advertised locally. They would look really nice on me.......I think I will just pop off and put a bid on them....bye for now.

Max: Did I tell you my sister has been totally useless as my assistant these past couple of days. The silly minx ripped her stitches out of her tummy. Then when she had a big collar put on her she started moon walking backwards and refused to eat anything, drink or use the litter box. So the blond slave made her a body stocking and when she had that put on her, she just rolled over and wouldn't stand up. She is such a Diva and a drama queen!!!!!! Anything to take the attention away from the missing pom poms of pleasure, in fact I think she may be trying to misdirect me and take the focus of the investigation. Right Summer Dancer goes to the top of my suspect list, she may be in it with the Oscar to investigate further.
Dirk Clawsout signing off........going to to a bit more private Dicking

Friday, October 5, 2007

A strange week

Max here, its been a strange old week.
It started off very well. I spent Sunday watching the motorbikes on the big screen with my male slave. It was so exciting......I saw Max Biaggi, he was named after me you know. Max was wonderful, so fast and he won his race! I think I should like a mini motorbike, then I can be just like him, I will put it on my Christmas list.
Monday and things started to get a bit strange. Summer started to roll around on the floor, and cry very very loudly. I was so scared I thought she was hurt, but no, she came over to me and thrust her bottom in my face, how very dare she! It went on all day and night like this, man can that girl wail, if she thinks she's practicing for x factor, she had better think again...what a racket. I slept downstairs that night, I couldn't face all that wailing and wriggling...stupid girls!
Tuesday... and it just got louder and louder. I couldn't stand the row, so I went up behind her and grabbed her by the neck to make her shut up, but she wouldn't, so I tried to climb on her and muffle the sound. The blond slave saw me and started shouting "no, no she's your sister!" Well der, yes I know she's my sister. The whole world seems to be going mad.
Wednesday it was getting louder and louder. Oscar, Daisy and Garfield have all gone into hiding and Summer just screeches on and on.
Thursday.......even stranger.... we went in our carry boxes and in the big box and wheels to the vet place. I don't like the smell of it there!!!!! When we got there we went in a big heated bed, it was so comfy, then I felt really, really sleepy. I thought I would just have 40 kitten winks. When I woke up something felt different. I felt lighter somehow. I looked into the next cage and Summer was having a good sleep too. Silly slaves, fancy bringing us here to sleep. We can do that at home.
Its now Friday, Summer has stopped wailing at last, but there is definitely something strange about my rear end. Its definitely lighter, I feel more streamlined and its rather drafty down there today, must investigate further,bye for now.

Summer here. This week I have been mainly flirting, but nobody was really interested apart from Max, and he's my yucky brother. I have felt so happy I have just wanted to sing and sing and sing. I have done lots and lots of rolls and wriggles and shaken my booty at Oscar, but he's just not interested, sigh......... Today my tummy is sore so i don't feel like singing any more. I have to go and sleep as my energetic week has left me exhausted. zzzzzzzz

Max: "Aaaaaaarrrrgghhhhhhh................they've gone!!!!!!!!!!!" (faints)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

A ferocious attack of the bed mice.

Summer Croft....Mouse Raider
Max - The mousefinder general.

Summer here again.

Last night we discovered something called bedmice. They get into our human mummy and daddy's bed, and then move about under the covers. Max and I decided that mummy and daddy have been so nice to us, that we would get the bed mice for them. We got into position on either side of the bed.....

Max: ..yes Summer, a strategic move known as the pincer movement.

Summer: yes, yes, the pincher movement

Max: No Summer, not the Pincher's pincer, P.I.N.C.E.R. Oh why do I bother??

Summer: Blah blah, blah.....ANYWAY when the bedmice started moving about we jumped on them over again.

Max: They are quite a strong breed of mice, and our ferocious pouncing wouldn't make them come out into the onto plan B.

Summer: Yes plan B, we got right at the end of the bed and we stuck our paws under the cover. Then we put out our claws and attacked the bed mice. I got them quite a few times.

Max: The blond slave was over the moon with our results. She squealed very loudly in excitement and jumped out of bed doing a victory dance.

Summer: We definitely got them, because when we went back and looked for them again we found traces of blood on the cover, but we couldn't find any bodies, which was most strange.

Max: I have heard a rumour that bed mice are invisible, and can only be spotted when moving under the bed covers, looks like this theory could be true! Anyway we suspect that there is huge rug monster living in the sunny room, so we are just off there to have a look. By the way Summer, did you notice the blond slave was limping this morning, any idea what she has done?

Summer: I have no idea, these humans are so silly sometimes. Come on then to the sunny room............

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Summer Dancer............Dancing
Max eating........again!

Well Hello there Max fans, I think I can safely say that I am now lord of all I survey. My training of the slaves is going very well. The male slave seems to be shared by hairy woofer in the kitchen. I see them each morning at 6.30 am heading off in the box on wheels, the slave looking tired and the woofer lurching around like a loon. The female slave however seems to be 100% at our service. She feeds us, cleans our loo and rubs those places you can't quite reach yourself and I must say she seems to be getting better at it each day. The Oscar is comletely under my spell and follows me adoringly around the house. When the other cats see me enter the room, they show their respect by climbing onto the nearest chair and closing their eyes, a position which they stay in for the most of the day.
Female slave bought out the roaring monster yesterday, I have heard it roaring in other parts of the house before, but have never met it in person. The slave walked it round and round the floor, I suppose to give it excercise and seems to be feeding it dust and rubbish, most odd! I, of course, stood my ground and flexed my stripes at it. It obviously felt afraid because the next minute it when and hid back in its cupboard. Handsome and Brave, that's me!
Disappointingly I found my sister snuggled up in Oscars bed with him, she was so brazen about it, right there in full view on the landing! I think I may have to email our fur mummy Katie Moss and get her to have a word with her daughter.
Bye for now, but don't worry I'll be back soon. Max the Mighty xx.

Summer here, I have decide our new house is fun. There is lots to do and play with. Blonde one waves a feather thing in the air which I love to chase and then I found out I can dance, she took a photo which I posted above. One day she got the roary thing out of its cupboard and bought into our safe hidey room. We were so scared we hid under the bed, Max was shaking in his boots and I had to lick his head to soothe him, but it soon went back into its cupboard home. Max really likes Oscar he follows him everywhere like a little lamb. I like to play with Oscar too and snuggle up with him in his bed, its very cosy in there and he has a very nice purr. Its a short entry from me tonight because its time to play.......yippeee! Summer Disco Dancer xx

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Hi, Summer Dancer here.

Where to begin???? We have been so busy, this is the first entry for a while.

We have to say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our first human mummy Eunice today.

Now on to business. Max my silly brother has been hiding under the humans bed for about a week and a half. I have personally made many explorations across the landing, through the other bedrooms and down the big stairs and found that athough the hous is inhabited by my friend Oscar, there are also 2 older cats who seem to spend the whole of their time basking in the sunny room. However as long as I don't disturb their sleep, they don't seem to bother about me. I reported my missions back to Max, but couldn't convince him to come with me.

Then suddenly on Friday morning he woke up, had a stretch and came out to new mummy, who I think I shall now refer to as the "blonde one". Max let the Blonde one stroke him all over and pick him up. I couldn't believe my eyes. Then later that day he came down the big stairs, had a look around the litter room and then even came into the lounge. Since then there has been no stopping him, he is trotting around the house and has even started to play with MY friend Oscar. I don't know what has prompted this change of heart, but Blonde one and Brown one (new daddy) seem really excited and have been cooing all over him for the past 2 days.

Anyway have to go, it looks as though some chairs have been moved around, so I must go investigate.

Hi there, Cool dude Max Biaggi here. After a number of days collecting data from beneath the big bed, I decided that the new human slaves have been trying really hard to please me. The room service has been acceptable, litter box to an acceptabe standard and the number and variety of meals has been quite pleasing. I decided to give them a little treat and came out from the bedroom and made my great entrance downstairs. The slaves seemed quite excited at my appearance, so I allowed them to stroke my honoured self and even chased a tickle tale for a while. I new all would be safe as I had sent my rather daft sister out on a number of missions to check what was down the big stairs. Her repeated return meant that all was safe down there. I have met the big cat Oscar, I must say he does seem in awe of me and has begged me to befriend him. I have allowed his friendship, which I think has pushed Summer's nose out of joint. I always make a point at every opportunity to flash my maltesers at him ,just so he remembers who is the alpha male around here.

I think the slaves are bringing more food, so I must make an appearance to check that it is acceptable. Bye for now my adoring Max fans.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sunny day Sunday

Its day 2 in the new house. I have popped down to use the laptop whilst my 'big' brother is hiding under the bed. We have met the other residents apart from the Woofy thing that is moaning about being kept in the kitchen at the moment. They had one of these things at Mummy Eunice's too. The black boy Oscar has rather stunning amber eyes, we have rubbed noses and he gave me a little trill, I think he likes me. Max says he is all trill and no maltesers,but I think he is a bit jealous. The black and white one Daisy is OK at a distance, she just watches me but if I get too close she hisses and runs away, strange. The ginger one Garfield keeps himself to himself, haven't had much to do with him.

I adventured downstairs all by myself last night whilst Max stayed upstairs hiding.

This morning I had lots of cuddles and purrs with my new mummy, and then I lay on the window sill in the sunshine. Max is being a big silly and won't come from underneath the bed, he is such a shy boy its hard to believe we are brother and sister. Must go now and check on that baby brother of mine. Mow for now. Summer xxxx

Max here, Summer is being far to obliging to these new humans. My strategy is to keep them waiting for my superior presence. I need to get them trained right from the start, so I will continue to play hide under the bed for a while. Must get back upstairs before anyone notices I am not under the bed. Max xxxx